Freak of the Week 7.0!!

For the past couple of days, we've been living a dream (possibly "the" dream!) in Austin. As we pull away in the Freaker B-Truck this afternoon, we must say goodbye to a city filled with facial hair and wrap up an extended Freak of The Week... The Dude. 
You guys outdid yourself and I must say this was one of the most difficult decisions but alas..... the winners are..... 

Peggy Thomas:

 The dude imbibes. 

Lainey Reinard:

 I mustache you this one question: to freaker, or not to freaker? If you think that's a beard question, wait til I ask if your glasses half full of whisker... or if your side burns!

We're delving into the desertlands today & are going to make the Freak of the Week a little number called Trenchtown. Which is almost the opposite of the desert.