Favorite Freaker Article of All Time!

 So we just stumbled upon the branding guru Mars Dorian and his corner of the internet. I gotta say, for a business related website, he uses copulent amounts of spicy sauce with his clients. For example, at one point he calls normative business names "fucking pathetic" and casts "shame and blame" on those who solely sell a product. 
But somebody out there is looking down on us and giggling because this hardliner seemed to like us! In what has quickly become our favorite Freaker article of all time, Mars Dorian reviews what he calls our "gold nuggets." And the phrase "gold nuggets" is enough to make us fall out of our chairs. 

Highlights include!: "...entertaining-like-hell videos that feel like the Muppet show on acid" and "a CEO that seems to time-travel back from the 70s"

...He also uses the phrase "drop it like a hot macaroni" quite gracefully. UNBOUNDED RESPECT! 

Freaker OUT!

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  • Mars Dorian

    Aug 18, 2011

    Mars Dorian


    no usual business on my blog.

    I have to say – I’m truly impressed by what you guys do. Rarely do I see a brand like yours so epic-ly executed – everything from product to design is pure fun and delivers an experience unlike any other.

    Kudos my fellow offbeat entrepreneurial crusaders !


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