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Camping Family Glamour Shots: Holiday Edition!

 Mozart once said "Before a Vegas Trade Show, always go camping in the remote backwoods of Arizona in a boxtruck." 
It would be just silly of us to ignore such pointed and regal advice, but I'm not sure if Mozart expected the results to be so.... freakishly glamourous.

August 23, 2011 by Freaker USA


Tyler Schmyler Bobyler

Tyler Schmyler Bobyler said:

these glamour shots are beyond belief. unless i hear otherwise, i will assume that all of these images were created by photoshop wizardry conjured up from the work of ansel adams and skeezy basement snapshots.


Yay.For.Paula said:

What a spectacular view… of you three of course. Is it time for cider and cake donuts already?! I can’t wait to pick the best fall apples!!

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