Freak of the Week 8.0!!

We took a week off, but now we're flying back into the Freak pun action!! For the last Freak of the Week, we visited Trenchtown for some jammin. Annnnd the winners areeeeeeeee...

Jeremy Neff:
♫ Emancipate your self from warm damp slavery♫.
♫None but a Freaker can free your drink♫.
♫Have no fear of this beverage sweatery♫.
♫And yet so fashionable, don't you think♫.
♫How long will they drink warm beverages♫.
♫while we stand aside and look♫.
♫Some say that's just a part of it♫.
♫But they must have misunderstood♫.
♫So won't you help me sing - this song of Freakdom♫.
♫Covers all the drinks I've ever had♫.
♫even protects my bong♫.
♫Freak Redemption Song♫.

Oliver Mellan: 
Freakalize it

This week, we're going to travel from Trenchtown to a birfday party! KUPTAKES!! Let's celebrate! Give us your best puns on the product page & the winners get a free Freaker flown right to your doorstep!!