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Freak of the Week 9.0!!

 WEEEE!!!! It's almost next week! Last week we had our own version of a child's birthday celebration by making KUPTAKES! the Freak of the Week! Your puns were our presents and now we have goodies for you too! 
The winners are.....:

David Zukerman: A little slow on the KupTake?

Alan Swart: Holy Kuptakes Batman, Its a Freaker.

Good chaps, send us your shipping address & we'll send our Freakerstork your way!! 

And for THIS WEEK'S Freak, we're reintroducing our long lost pirate: Scallywag! Give us your best(worst!) puns and get some free goodies! 


September 09, 2011 by Lauren Krakauskas

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