ReTREAT! Esalen, California!

The Freakerteam got the honor and the pleasure of being invited to Esalen in Big Sur, California.


Coming as a suprise to no-one, we were brimming with pure joy.


This here is Oliver's father. In case anybody was kept up late at night wondering what Oliver's father looks like... this is our present to you. He looks....ready for it..... alot like Oliver. Sir Patrick Mellan was our ticket into Esalen and for that (and a multitude of everything else!) we are eternally grateful!



But too much relaxation is good for no one, so we chopped down a non-rainforest for a permaculture project.


This one forgot to respond to that one email that one time, so we put her to work in the fields just like the olden days.

A hut on the cliffside. Also of note in this photo: pirate pants.


Unparalleled beauty! California, our hearts are yours.