Instuctables Party!

Today we're throwing a city-wide grilled cheese party for San Fran! Yesterday we trekked it downtown and freaked Instructables on their lunch break! Now we're going to plow you with photos of just that.



One thing we got to check off of our life to-do list yesterday: meet the world's first clap-off bra (and also it's inventor.)
Thanks for making all of our dreams-that-we-didn't-know-were-dreams-before-we-met-you come true.

Setting up the deck is a much more colorful experience after "the procedure" #awkwardgraffitiphrases


The showdown: Peanut vs Zach, Episode 1

The Showdown: Peanut vs. Zach, Episode 2: the champion (hint: it's not Zach)

We have swiveled down a road of obsession with these Sokenbicha teas! Unsweetened!?! GOOD TEA?! You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

And also Root Extra Ginger Beer!! Delicious overload!


Grilling the cheese all day every day (somedays)