Distractions in A-Minor

 So on the last leg of the drive to Portland, we came across some beautiful bumps that caused only the slightest of delays (shocking!)
Firstly, we successfully picked up our 2nd-ever hitchiker! Included came a KITTEN! Oh! Most joy-filled roadside find of the day!

Well that didn't take long. Portland should be only a couple hours away still. But WAIT! What is that we see? Is that a waterfall?
So we sat around and pondered for a while. Zach was skeptical that he was being conned. "How does nature do that? I don't believe it. Nature sounds alot like a Trader-Joes-Wine-Myth sometimes. It's too good to be true."

But alas, it is true. 

Frolicking in the meadows. 
Reveling in the cosmos.

Onwards! To Portland! Again! Finally!