Harmonica Lewinski Tour!

Harmonica Lewinski

Hi Friends! We're coming for you! 

Starting this week, we'll be on the road with one of our all-time favorite dancing surf rock musical extraordinaires, Harmonica Lewinski! We're driving all over the country in our Freaker boxtruck party lounge and we would love nothing more than for you to come out and boodydown with us! (Bonus points: everything will be free! The shows, some fancy Freakers, and as always - bear hugs!) 

Come play with us here and here and here: 

August 17th & 18th: POOL trade show, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada

August 23rd: Venice Beach, California

August 27th: Cliff's Variety, San Francisco, California

August 28th: 4th Friday, San Francisco, California

September 3rd: Boulevard Brewing, Kansas City, Missouri

September 4th: First Friday, Tulsa, Oklahoma

September 5th: Hangout, Gulf Shores, Alabama

September 6th: Ron Jons, Coco Beach, Florida

September 7th: Sidney Cardel's, Jacksonville, Florida

September 10th, 11th, & 12th: Surf Expo, Orlando, Florida 

September 13th: Jengo's Playhouse, Wilmington, North Carolina

September 15th: Edge of Urge, Raleigh, North Carolina

September 18th: BudaPub/Fringefest, Rochester, New York

See you on the other side, chicki chicki!!!