House of Creatives

The Freakerteam is wallowing in the bicycles, mustaches & unlimited coffee supplies of Portland, and the Northeast coast seems so far away (...probably because it is. Geographically. Scientifically.) 

But the truth is, that science + geography ≠ time schedules. So we're going to go ahead and spill sum (AHAH!) fun news. 
On October 14th, we will be romping around the House of Creatives at Lake Harmony in Pennsylvania. Filmed by Karmaloop TV, this will be a weekend that will be documented forever. We'll try our hardest not to make it too absurd (but if you could see our fingers behind our backs right now, you would realize that they are criss crossed zig zagged all over the dang place) 

Trailer for House of Creatives: 

And the very first episode aired today! 

So keep your eyeballs prepared and follow this hottub of artbeauties! Hurrah!