Cucalorus needs your help! HALP! HALP!

Our dear friends at Cucalorus ran an itty bit short of their sponsoring goals this year and instead of halting some planned events, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign! Hallelujah! With your help, crowdsourcing can save the day yet again!

A little backstory on Cucalorus:  For the past 17 years, these fine folks have been showcasing independent films from around the country   in our motherland of Wilmington, NC. MovieMaker Magazine has crowned it one of "the coolest film festivals" and artsies from up & down & all around flock to Wilmington every year to be part of it's many wonders. In the off-season, the Cucalorus stomping grounds are used for neighborhood festivities (i.e. a very special FreakerGrilled Cheese Party back in May!) and for the general merriment of our community! What heroes! 

Let's keep a long held Wilmington tradition of celebrating the arts alive! Wilmington nutsies unite! HURRAH!

You can pitch in your 2 cents here