Freakers + Edge of Urge + Gravity Records + Wilco

= This Saturday. 

This combination may just cause Wilmington to spontaneously combust with eminent epic explosions of ecstatic extravagance, but we'll take our chances. This Saturday, come out for Wilmatic 2: A Wilco Listening Party at Edge of Urge!

Edge of Urge has collaborated with Gravity Records to create a stunning system of what everybody loves the most: special sales & free things. Get the full details here and here, but in the meantime, here's a delicious little taste: 

Oh, happy days! Our special Wilco Freaker is indeed a rarity, but what better way to get your hands on one than with the most splendid local hellions & vixens that Wilmington has to offer! 

Needless to say, those of us on the road right now are trying hard not to frown at the fact that we can't make it... but you can. And for that, we are overjoyed!!