FreakFairyTale BoxtruckBuddies!

So once upon a time in a far away land named Denver, Zach and Lauren stumbled across a dozing dozer with bright socks on. We both stood in wonder and wondered where in the world would one have to wander to find such wonderfully colorful socks?! Yearning for knowledge, we made a game plan.


We kidnapped him.

When the now-not-dozing-dozer came to, he was being hoisted into the boxtruck by a fiery short-thing that sometimes is called "Lauren" by others in her general species.

And they all lived happily ever after. Until New York. In the future. When we dropped him off.

The end. 

Stay crassy, Planet Earf!

Update: The specimen has a name. It is the great Sir Joel Fernando. He does fantastic things with his videofingers. They are fantastic things that you should probably experience. 
Freaker OUT!