Freak of the Week 12.0!!

 So last (last-last) week, we mourned the departure of Summer with For the Love of Olive as our Freaker of the Week! Your words make us melt and we wish we could give everybody who participates unlimited presents, but for now we have to choose 2 winners every week for your playa playa puns. The winners from last week areeee.....:

Rachel Triplett: Olive you so much, I'd knock the dame sky-high who tried to freak my guy!

Jason Sargis: "You didn't know it would popeyes but olive did anyways," Bluto red with anchor "it wasn't my idea"

Champions, please send us your shipping address and we'll be sure to drop anchor in your mailbox! 

As we scooch on into the great month of October, we'll be showcasing our spookiest of all Freakers. This week, raise your best puns up for Bowser's Castle, but please, stay aware of the red turtle shells (of doom!)