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Intergalactic PekingTory

Once upon a time in a land pseudo-close by, there were weekly celebrations of Chinese Food (yes. capital F.) from Peking Gourmet in downtown Wilmington. 
But times are dark, seeing that we have been geographically separated from our fellow Peking lovers, and the travelling Freaker brigade has abstained from Chinese food for 3 months due to wonton (wanton?!) sadness. 

Not anymore, thanks to technology (yes, this has been a strange day of Steve Jobs Life Celebration! Thanks, Steve!)... now we can ALL (you're invited too!) have Chinese Wednesdays!

Proof!: Wilmington!

And also in Chicago!

Wilmington wins this time in the Chalk + Festivities category, but Chicago tentatively wins in the HOLY-MESS-THAT-SOUP-IS-DELICIOUS category


Jason Mohr

Jason Mohr said:

Peking night has gone national!!!

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