Freaker Friday: Rove & Roam!

Rove; verb: travel constantly without a fixed destination; wander. Roam; verb: move about or travel aimlessly or unsystematically, especially over a wide area.

Sounds like a weekend to me. Let's play.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: This week, we have five $50 gift codes for Rove & Roam!

Once upon a time, an Irish damsel and a Russian fellow fell in love and made a life together in NYC. Years went by, careers were made, but the fairytale couple longed for something a bit more breathable, and that's when they found our very own picturesque port town of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Lesley had been a fashion designer for the big guns (Ralph Lauren, Jones of New York, DKNY) which gave her the perfect experience to start her own line of handmade classics. Enter Rove & Roam, a true love child entering the world of fashion for all the right reasons. Bonus points? Well made, hand made, and beautiful. Done and done.

Each winner will get a $50 gift certificate and a Noonan Freaker!

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Facebook, find this graphic, and show us in the comments one thing you always roam around with for your chance to win!

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!