The past two days have been busy busy like the bees (BEADS?) in Chicago.

Thursday, we had a special Freaker lunch for America's Finest News Source - The Onion. It was quite the joy and also the first time an angry passer-by asked if we had all of the correct city permits to throw a free-grilled-cheese-party out of a boxtruck-carousal-house in the middle of a downtown-district. "Nope, but would you care for a sandwich?" seemed like the socially-appropriate response, but evidently he was not to be woo-ed by gooey goodness. Sticklers! 

Friday, we fell in love with Threadless all over again at their lunch time Freaker Grilled Cheese Extravaganza...

1. Maybe it was because PBR started giving us beer-sponsorships for the FreakerBTruck and this was our first test run with BoozyFoodzys. Success! Everyone wins! Thanks, friends
2. Maybe it was the warehouse of wonders (and a pinball machine!!?) that Threadless calls home...
3. Maybe it was simply because these folks are the finest of all fine folks... whatever the reasoning may have been, it was magical. And they hold the yarns to our unraveling hearts from this day forth! 
4. If you haven't felt the pitter-patter of Threadless yet, now is a good time to start. They're holding a $10 sale until Oct 11th! 

Photographic revisitation in T-.5! 

Presumably, one of our favorite Freaker nametags of all freakin time. We patted ourselves on the back for this one for a little too long. 

Grillin' like a villain

Exquisite impersonation interpretation

Threadless Threes

Gwilled Chez Fureva! 

This guy really, really, really loves his job. 

The famed warehouse of less-Thread !! And also a rare glimpse of what Zach looks like with his mouth closed

A ballad dedicated to Pabst Blue Ribbon:

Did you ever know that you're my hero, you're everything I would like to drink, I can fly higher than an eagle, you are the wind beneath my wings. 

Suspiciously Smily Cookie. Senses? Raised. 

Post-Party GiggleFits