Lima Beans & Oh Hi, yo!

This Sunday, the Freakerteam trucked our truck on to Lima, Ohio!
We laughed, we cried, we frollicked, we fricked, we grilled, we chilled, we tricked and got tricked with illusions of psychic tendencies! Small towns are our hearts and Mr. Lima Bean was no exception. Every single person had been freaked and also was wearing a special Freaker name-tag (some of the highlights included: Baberaham Lincoln, Jim Kardashian, & HawtDawg

Oooh! What a joy! 

And a special thanks to Derek Briggs for making everything come together so seamlessly! 

Janet Jackson and her husband, Not-Janet-Jackson.

Photo by Sir Matt Kinzer! 

Here, you can see the new wondrously intense game of Fricket in action. 

She's still going with this Tom Waits thing. 

The manly beans of Lima!

And the sweet beans of Lima!

Photo by the feathered gent, Mr. Joshua McCLEAN