Trick or Freak!!

We have new freakers! All the rumors are true! And we have been shaking in our boots not only because of all the excitement but also because they are spooky and we have short tiny nerves. So I would like to officially introduce you to the newest members of our family...

This here is Devilsock. He wants to eat your skull. (And by your skull, we actually mean your liquids.) But if you cut off his arms and you cut off his legs, he will still love you anyway (double bonus points to anybody that can sing along!) He loves Saturday Night, Screams, and a little lady named Helena. 
Yes, DevilSock is a little spooky, so for all of you out there that have the heebie-jeebies, we made this one for you!:

This is Corn Dawg! He loves home dawgs, hawt dawgs & weenie dawgs! He would love nothing more than to be popped into your bag of treats and trot along the sidestreets of your hometown collecting goodies! Trick of Freak! 

And that's not all! We made a little videotreat for you too!!! You may want to put your bravepants on & get your screammask ready.