Freak of the Week 13.0!

In celebration of the month of October, our weekly pun contest for the month of October has the common threads of spook! Last week we took a kart ride down memory lane with Bowser's Castle. And the winners of 150cc Freak of the Week areee.....

David Crainshaw: Sure that's not brewer's castle? Your princess might be in another freak...

Travis Anderson: Don't be a Shy Guy; this Freaker is for Freakoopas only!

Send us your shipping address & we will crown you with your freaktrophy's (FreeFreakerFriends!) in 3..2....1..START!

And for this week's specialfreak, we're turning to our newest addition to the Freaker family! Please give a warm round of pun applause to Corn Dawg

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