LakeDip Rituals

The Freakerteam + The House of Creatives = Unlimited Bundles of Energy!!
Usually, this results in acrobatics and boxtruck lovesessions, but every now and then it's necessary to find terrifying masks, 2 wetsuits and a Lake Harmony to submerge yourself into. Confused? Here is a step-by-step instruction manual. 

1. Find a fox. Glue said-fox to your face. 

2. There should be a Seasick Mama and a Casey-With-A-Bassey somewhere in the nether-regions of the house you are in.  They are probably in full fledge musical glory at the moment, so don't make alot of noise, but it's 100% essential that you do a tribal rain-dance around them. 

3. Warm your wetsuit. Dishwasher recommended. 

4. Punch your fist with your fist for a while. 

5. Find a small brigade of willing men. Get your photo taken before going into battle because you never know what kind of viscous creatures live at the bottom of shallow lakes. Be sure to look at least mildly sincere. 

6. There may be a small creepy ladycreature romping around in the woods. Hug her. 

7. Get your own Russ Roe. This is key. He will also have earthly possessions that you will NOT lose/break/destroy. 

8. On your jog back to the cabin, it is absolutely imperative to engage in roadside combat. You know, to really make your Lake Harmony Freaker Dip Experience complete.