CMJ + INDMusic + Freakers = NYC Snugglefest

This weekend in New York, we got the honor and the pleasure of freaking the CMJ music festival and INDMusic!! Our living room was stationed outside of The Living Room.

Highlights include: NOT getting hassled by the cops. This was truly a feat and a very impressive accomplishment seeing the following activities were performed (with vigor)! 

  1. Commuting from Brooklyn to Lower East Side without the top-half of the side of our truck. 
  2. Driving in reverse down a narrow and busy one-way Manhattan street. In a boxtruck. 
  3. Parking in a "no-parking zone" for 9 hours each day. 
  4. Feeding everyone free deeelish sandwiches without proper permits. 
  5. Setting up shop without proper permits. 
  6. Law-enforcement agents walking by every 20 minutes. All day. Everyday. The starch refusal to make eyecontact with us led us to assume that we were doing so many things so blatantly wrong ....we must have planned it out with the legal system first. Right?  Either that or the prospective paper-work they would have to do if they asked was daunting. 

Other highlights include: 

Setting up the truck for the very first time in history while wearing shirts.

The exquisite Mr. White and a most elegant damsel! 

CMJ2011 has been fully freaked!

But baby, it's cold outside!

The wonderful INDMusic has their very own Freaker. The travelling Freakerteam had not actually seen this Freaker in the flesh (AKA the knit) yet and all melted a little when we finally got to see it. Hotdawg. It's sexy. 

This is how sternly indignent we were that our collective life-lady Cassie left us for Upstate NY. Taking lessons from Jafar all day.

....But then we realized that this is how much we love Cassie so alas, our Jafar quickly turned into Abu.

The celebrated & chivalrous Jon Baltz of INDMusic and his fresh new Freakerbabiez! 

All in all, CMJ was equivalent to the brunch of champions! Good work, America!