Jollification on Capital Hill!

Today we had an escapade around the streets of our nation's capital. We dressed in disguise so that nobody would recognize a freak. It went over smashingly, darling, just smashingly. 


This is actually what we look like on a day-to-day basis. We just dress up like weirdos for photos on the internet. Of course. 

Oh buddy! I've seen this in so many Will Smith movies! But it's real! And it's not being invaded by any aliens (debatable if you ask a lizard-conspiracist) or internally combusting (also debatable if you ask anybody who follows our nation's domestic headlines.) 

2008 ain't got nothin on the Maiden de' Freak. 

Oh, you know. 

We, here, are your representatives.  We will do everything in our applied powers to serve, protect, and freak you. Weeeeeee!!!!!!