Homebound Huniez!

Yesterday we drove our FreakerMobile into the depths of the one place we haven't seen in quite a while: home! 
We wore suits and ties and unsuccessfully tried to trick everyone into thinking that the road had changed our business methods. PSSSSFH! 

Coincidentally (OR IS IT?!) we came right in time for Peking Night! Oh! The glory of Wednesday evenings! 

And we were greeted by the most beautiful beauties of beaut! Best WelcomeHome surprise ever ever!


Lumbersmack and his human counterpart.

The Golden Couple yessum yessum!

Carrot Cake from a coconut? I'll take two, please and thank you. 

The missed man Mohr doesn't have to be so missed anymore! 

We are ecstatic. Logical conclusion? Massages for everyone!