Freak of the Week 14.0!!

It's that spooky day once again! Time for a new Freak of the Week contest! Last time we showcased the newest member of our Freaker family, Corn Dawg! You gave us your best puns and now it's time for us to give the winners Dawgy Treats! And the lucky two areee.....

Nicholas James Throssel: So many good Halloween puns, WITCH one should I pick?
Better SCARE one up that's layin' on the CORN, extra thick.
Might not stand a ghost of a chance, against this skeleton crew..
But ofCORPSE I've gotta try, I've got no costume for my pumpkin brew.
They'll be no bottle sweat on all hallows eve in this, or any hand,
And all the pretty GHOULS will want to ride these "Coattails of a Dead Man,".
As I go "Whistlin' Past the Graveyard" with one sweet mask for my beer,
One thing you AUTUMN know.. For I am a Corn Dawg too this year.

Remy Neff: Corn Dawg, is that just another term for a halloweenie? 

Hooray! Send us your shipping address, we have treats for your tricks. For this week, we're moving on to the other newbie, Devil Sock. Give us your best/worst puns on the product page, and we'll give you a new friend.