Justin Mitchener: Man of Purchasing Bravery

We want to set something straight. Something of the upmost importance, relevance and immediacy to our peace of mind. I know alot of you out there are wondering, and that's where we come in. To ease your fears. To calm your nerves. To answer your questions of eternal disturbance.  This one is for you, team. What we've all been waiting for. Ready?

...Yes. Justin Mitchener bought his pants with the blow-out patch already attached.  This has been the topic of much debate in (and out of) the office for quite some time and when we finally received a solidified answer, nobody believed him until the historical breakdown of his purchase was verified

His excuse is that it was a long time ago, and even though he admits it was a bad purchase, we all must realize that this photo would not  have been possible without such a travesty

Also in the Justin Mitchener news, we have secretly set up a fan base fan page on Facebook for his fans (you)... this will teach him a lesson on rebelling against societal media norms and not having a Facebook like everyone else in the developed world

Everybody like him. Nobody tell him. GO TEAM GO!