Cucalorus Screenprinting Saturday Sauce!

This Saturday, The Freakerteam and Friends got up early, sat in a circle and held hands singing Kumbaya while hand-screenprinting the posters for this week's festivities at Cucalorus

Justin Mitchener wore his blow-out pants and designed the space-themed poster palloozza and Alisha Payne, the queen of skillz (all the skillz) taught us all how to be busy worker bees and put his design into fruition. 

Paper tearing party time! 

Justin Mitchener. Not pictured: His Pants of Infamy.

ZPapa shredding up a storm!

Oh dang oh dang, fancy machines and crafty hands

The master creators in critique-mode. You can always tell when artists are in this mode by the pointyness of their fingers. 

The end result? 180 hand made posters of glory! Cucalorus starts this Thursday, so be sure to get your tickets and come boogy with us! Hooray! 

And a super super extra special and super thanks goes to the lifesavers at Seaside Printing for burning us the screen of our dreams. Be expecting a package of love real soon.