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Freak of the Week 15.0!!

We've been busy little bees collecting the honeypot of holiday cheers but now it's that time again to launch our Freak of the Week pun contests! Last round, we highlighted  DevilSock in all his spook glory! And the winners areeeee......

David Zukerman: a highly skulled freak

Remy Neff: One size Misfits all...

Hooray! Winners, send us your shipping addresses and we'll be sure to freak your doorstep with presents! As many of you already know, we've got a handful of new styles ready to Freak the Holiday Halls. This week, we're going to spend some time with Handy Randy! Give us your best puns on his product page and the winners get goodies!! 

November 08, 2011 by Freaker USA

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