Saucy Holiday Packages - Now up up & away!

Yesterday we officially released our new holiday packages pumped full of freaker cheer! And Freakers have an overflowing amount of cheer these days. Some of the specialties of our packages? On it!:

- We've been staying at the office until the weeeeee hours of the morning hand-screenprinting all the Christmas boxes so you can feel the extra love we're sending your way!

- We also are including a personalized polaroid picture of the Freakerteam in all the holiday bliss with love notes just for you! 

- Free shipping (because we lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrve you!)  

- Super duper Freaker selections with all our new styles and extra sweet packaging love and care! If you don't want a particular style in your package, just let us know in the special instructions box what you would like instead! 

- And best of all? Your entire Christmas gift-list has just been taken care of in one easy SWOOOOP!