Freak Durst

This morning started slowly. There was a drizzle in the sky. There was an quiet hum over the office. Even the dogs had snoozy eyes on. 

And then came Fred Durst

We found out that the limpest of all bizkits had a twitter account and we decided to turn this day upsidedown. Like a frown. But a clown frown. Like Fred Durst would have wanted it. 

It is now our declared goal of the day to get Fred Durst to retweet some type of Freaker absurdity. And we have been giving him quite the selection to choose from. So far, he's quietly retreating from retweeting but hopefully one of these snippets of 140 characters will be too much for him and he will have no choice but to click the little button of love. 

Let's revisit our Chocolate Starfish Rampage: 

It all started with a little somethin somethin that goes a little somethin like this:

But then things started getting a little weird. We have a tinkerpartner in Durst crime!

But even after all of this, FDurst still has yet to succumb to the freak. 

Disclaimer: Half of everything produced here was from the brainfaucet of Jeremy Neff, who we will promptly hire as our resident pun master once we get dough (to roll in.)