Twitter Action World-Saving Deals

In celebration of the upcoming shopping madness week, we're going to start flamethrowing special CIA secretive deals your way! 

Follow us on Twitter and get a 10% discount code to use on anything here for the next week! We're cutting the red wire (or is it the green wire?! It's always so confusingly suspenseful!) next Tuesday. 

Another piece of good news, we've found VinBook. 

VinBooknoun, [ vin boo k']:
1. A collection of poorly photoshopped images of Vin Diesel created by his fans and used, by Vin Diesel, on his personal facebook page, often accompanied with inspirational quotes from Vin Diesel. 
2. The greatest discovery we've ever made. 

Confused? We are here for you. 


If you follow us on Twitter, your muscles will instantly enlarge by 4%. 

It will end in the epic defeat of all bad-guys. 

Following us on Twitter will make you recklessly (from inspiration!) drive to your next destination.

It will make fragile objects around you spontaneously combust.

But really, follow us on Twitter. It will car-chase your mind.