Yesterday, pilgrims and Indians and Freakers and families drank too much and then at some point remembered there was food involved. The best part of Thanksgiving, however, is the moment of clarity where everybody realizes just how thankful they are for whatever it is that they are thankful for. 

Here is a complete list of those moments of clarity, Freaker style:

We are thankful for massage trains.

We are thankful for bouquets of puppy feet.


We are also thankful for naptime. 

We are also thankful for... that guy. 

We are thankful for things we can put in our mouth and chew, and also for Kuptakez!  

We are thankful for family and friends. Especially Lauren's mom. 

Oh wait.. wrong one.... 

Ok. We are thankful for Eiffel Towers. 

We are also thankful for North Carolina and all the deer hooves we get to find in it's woods. 

We are thankful for all the parents of the world that manually burp our drunken coworkers when they eat too much. 

We are also thankful for pretty ladies and puppies. This is a big one. 

Most of all, we are thankful for you! And you and you and you! Thank youuuuu for making all of our freakydreams come true and for all of your love and support and for being just so dang perfect.