Black Freakday SpecialTEES!

 In celebration of the Beat-Everyone-Up-At-Walmart national holiday of Black Friday, we have created some super special deals just for you (under the condition that you will not beat up anybody at Walmart... today.)

For every 15 & 30 pack, we're including a free Freaker shirt!**

What's the difference between a Freaker shirt and a non-Freaker shirt? Well! We are so glad you asked! When you wear a Freaker shirt (as opposed to a non-Freaker shirt), light sabers magically appear in your kitchen... but instead of shooting lasers, they have a double-edged rainbows that will slice your way to victory! 

And then, out of nowhere, Megan Fox (or Johnny Depp, for you saucy ladies out there) appears at your doorstep asking very politely if she can wash your car, all scantily-clad and such. 

And then, on your way to the grocery store, a gaggle of puppies stops you and pleads you to frolic in the fields with them for a while. 

It's all true! 

So when you're stocking up on all your stocking stuffers for your Holiday stock cheer, remember how much more magnificent errands can be with a Foxy (or Deppy) clean car, a rainbow shooting light-saber, and an army of playpuppies by your side (AKA a Freaker shirt.)

**Offer stands with vigor from now until November 29th