Zach's Blindfolded Birthday Ball

You guys want in on a little known fact about Zach? His birthday is December 1st. That was yesterday. He is that guy who never willingly discloses the date of his Get-Born, and unfortunately for him, we are the type of office that exploits those types of guys. 

And what do you get the guy that keeps his birthday a secret? A blindfolded trip to Hooters. Of course. 

At approximately 1:54 pm on December 1st, 2011, we blindfolded the ZPapa, threw him in the car and kipnapped him for our grand adventure.


We thought about revealing the secret once we were seated in the restaurant, but soon realized our folly and decided against it. 

In his blind flailing, he unknowingly groped the waitress's exposed midriff, thinking it was Alisha's shoulder. She did not seem enthused. 

We eventually realized that if we kept him blindfolded throughout the meal, it would involve us feeding him. And not a single member of The Freakerteam was up for that challenge. So with his newly found eyesight, Zach made friends with all the ladies.

They even got to dance. Even though it was vaguely reminiscent of Bluth Family Chicken Dances, it was endearing. And suave.

And they all lived happily ever after. 

(Zach, when you read this, please don't resort to violence because we gave away your birthday secret. Ok, love you bye!)