Showcasing Series #1: Local Fusion (and Blueberries!)

Christmas is sneaking up on us, ninja style.  All stealthy and clandestine, December 7th (that's today!) just reminded us of how badly we need a calendar.  Something else that we've been celebrating today is the fantastic caliber of local businesses.  

It's overwhelming how much creativity and entrepreneurship the little special city of Wilmington contains, so we're going to start a series of showcasing (and shoecasing in some situations) the local flavors that makes the world go round. North Carolina, we're so proud of you. 

1. Blueberry Fusion

This Wilmington-based production company makes us hungry. They combine photography and film in a way that is so juicy, it leaves you wondering whether these good chaps are actually human. 

If you're wondering what to get for the non-materialist memory-maker on your Christmas list, Blueberry Fusion has the solution to all of your woes. Track these special guys down for your special events and special moments. In 50 years from today, your future grandchildren will be telling all their little-kid-friends "my grandparents are so much cooler than your grandparents. Look at these multimedia capsules of them being so cool in 2011. I wish someday I could be as cool as my grandparents."

Except they will probably be talking with more robotic dialect. Because it's the future.

We've had the honor to be able to work with Adam Gilbert from Blueberry Fusion on a couple of our latest videos, and holy cow, let us tell you... if this man transformed into a camera, all the lady-cameras would have endless catfights over his affection. Because he holds his machinery with such sweet caresses of tender care and expertise that The Dog Whisperer would have sever competition if film equipment could bark.  He helped with the He Went To Freakers video which was released yesterday and also the Holiday Freaks festivities. Let's take a moment to reflect on the beauuuuuuuuuty of the Adam + Camera lovechildren:

This could be your family. In fact, we hope this is your family. Blueberry Fusion is the one that can make this happen. Welcome to the family, family.