Local Showcase #2: Edge of Urge

Partly because Christmas is creepin' up, but mostly because we are so enthralled and deeply in love with geography (and also cake!), we've started to showcase local artists, local businesses, local juices and local _____(insert anything else relevant or not here)_____. 

Yesterday, we solved all of your confusion as to what to get the memory-maker on your list. Today, we're going to tackle the lovely lady on your list that enjoys 3 or more of the following things:
1. puppies
2. joy (double points for each synonym of "joy" that they may enjoy.) 
3. being so fabulous that she (or he. no gender discrimination here) literally radiates spirit-glitter. 

You know who we're talking about now? Of course you do. Still confused as to where to find something marvelous enough to satisfy their taste for marvels? Of course you are. We'd like to formally introduce you to....

2. Edge of Urge

If you live in the general South Eastern regions of the United States of America and have not had the chance to wallow in the dreamland that is Edge of Urge, we will do anything in our power to help change this immediately. As the active goddess of local artisans, Jessie Williams gave the pre-Freaker-Freaker it's first chance with the big boys and girls and continues to be our stronghold in Wilmington. In fact, Edge of Urge actually still has stock of the pre-Freaker-Freaker AKA Zach's hand-sown sweater creations! Even though their online presence is reminiscent of what Lisa Frank must have dreamed of, their physical location is a never-never land of beautiful fairies and raining gumdrops. 

Still not convinced? Ok..

Here is the staff. 

This is what they will make you feel, emotionally.