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GasStation Mishaps

Zach and Oliver have launched themselves into space (Pennsylvania) to build rockets (a trade show booth) because they are manly manly men that build things. Do you know what else manly men do? They go to gas stations and hang out with all the other manly men. There is a clause up for debate in the US Senate right now to change the name "gas stations" to "manly men hang outs" nationwide. 

And even though manly men usually have diesel (like Vin!!) trucks, sometimes the gas stations try to trick them into staying at the manly-men-hang-out longer by making the regular gas nozzle look more appetizing than the diesel. 

Once you realize your mistake, it's too late! But the rewards are gratuitous!  Giving the attendants all of your dollars for filling up a boxtruck twice with different types of fuel is a small price to pay for the satisfaction of hanging out at the gas station longer!

You know why?
1. Because they have games. And those games are extremely fun. 

2. Most gas stations have a man named Gary. And this Gary usually likes milk and donuts. We, also, like milk and donuts.

3. And Garys give us all of his gas station secrets and then everyone lives happily ever after as best friends. Forever.

The end! 

December 08, 2011 by Freaker USA

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