House of Creatives: DriveBys and HotTubs

So remember that time where we posted photographs and photographs and more photographs (and that sweet video!)  from a certain house in the backwoods of Pennsylvania? Yes! The House of Creatives

For those of you who are in the throes of confusion, The House of Creatives is a collaborative work/play space that is the future of reality tv with substance. Starring Seasick Mama, the house is a love child of creative design, independent film, music to live by, and everything else under the sun that makes your mind see colors. Each weekend, a new group of creatives come to the house and collaborate on anything they so desire. No restrictions. No rules. And it's filmed. 

The episode in which the Freakerteam and Super Sunglasses rolled around the House of Creatives was released yesterday. DAYYUM!!!

And beware, it is only slightly NSFW: