Freaks in Black! Exhilaration!

 When we woke up this morning and flipped through the "news" we collectively almost peed our pants with joy. What "news" story could possibly induce an entire office to wet themselves, you ask?! The only one that will ever matter (this is a lie.) .... The Men in Black 3 trailer has officially been released. 

Ok ok you get it - Everyone loves 1997. But why would the Freakerteam feel so deeply connected with an alien comedy blockbuster? Chances are that you have never been in our office. The closer you look, the more hints you'll find of Will Smith invading our daily lives. All day everyday. Just to give you a tiny taste of our not-so-Fresh Infatuation....

Sometimes when we're feeling down, Will Smith dresses us in crushed velvet matador jackets and conducts sing-a-longs. He's just that thoughtful. 

We even put him on our Dude-All-Star team of absurdities!! And we love him so unconditionally, that we made his head significantly larger than any other figure (most notably: Vin Diesel's head. Who we also adore as evidenced here.

Sometimes when we're feeling creatively inclined, Will Smith gives us special pointers on the sewing machine and keeps our spirits high when a stitch needs to be removed. Both caring and motivating, Will Smith! 

And when we're working on hard businessy stuff... wait.. where is Will Smith when we need him the most?! Is he battling aliens in order to save earth yet again?! No! It can't be true.... Zooooooom on in there....

THERE HE IS! Watching over us in his angel pants with his zebra angel rug.