Help us fulfill our wildest dreams!!

There comes a time in every freaks life where they have a dream. Some may call it cuuuurazy, but most of you out there have had the same longing at one point or another. It's time for change. It's time for hope. It's time to realize that one day, if we all work hard enough, somehow someday that cohesive wish can and will come true.

That common denominator dream that unites us all = tryna' be famous on da internet. 

Annnnd lo and behold! Buzzfeed comes flapping down from the internet famous heavens! 

So will you help us help you help us by clicking the HEART button and sharing our Christmas romance video and making this thing go viral and in return we will love you forever (we already love you forever, but that's probably besides the point) for helping us be one step closer to a child-hood famous-on-the-internet dreamland?!

Here! Here! It's right here