Local Showcase #3: Justin Lacy & The Swimming Machine

There is such an itty bitty space of time between now and Christmas and we've been showcasing local artists to help solve any confusion about who is AWESOME (community artists!) and who's NOT-AS-AWESOME (Goods made in big countries that aren't the USA!) Some of the past Local Showcases have included Edge of Urge - where to get that sparkly someone something finally sparkly enough - and Blueberry Fusion - the multimedia time capsule extraordinaries! 

Today, we've found the cultural-enthusiast yet not-necessarily-materialist on your list a little somethin somethin. You know, the guy that got his grandmother a donated goat in Uganda last year and all of his birthday dollars went to supporting musical exploration. Ladies and gentlefreaks, let us present to you Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine. You may recognize these fine chaps from our Trick-or-Freak party in October, or maybe from all those dreams you've been having about tambourines and steel pipes serenading you with grasshopper violins. 

Justin Lacy has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get his album produced.  The prizes are beautiful. The music is magical. And even though they won't be "delivered" until after Christmas, your giftees will understand that they helped produced an album that is going to change the landscape of local-musical-adventures forever! And that's way cooler than going to Best Buy and buying a cd printed in China 15 years ago. 

Also! Fun Story! Guess who created this video of wonder? BLUEBERRY FUSION! And guess who helped shoot it? Our very own dearest Oliver Mellan!!! Holy hot mess!