Pinky & The Freak in Slovenia!

We are one step closer to Freaking-The-World and feel like this should be one of the stranger episodes of Pinky & The Brain. The news is in and the rumors are true:

Slovenia has officially been freaked. 

Here are the offiicial photos of our official announcement: Official Freakers bask in the glory of the official capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. 

For those of you who are geographically confused as to where Slovenia is, we made this very technical pie-chart for you. (In Slovenia, they call maps "pie-charts"...... have some cultural sensitivity!) 

Next time you're in Ljubljana, Slovenia, be sure to stop in the special store named Madness and say HI ROBERT! to a special man named "Robert." They will take care of all of your freak needs! In Slovenia! That's so exhilarating!