JockJamz + Games We're Too Old For = Hydration!

Today, everyone in the office is slightly sick and extremely dehydrated. But it's Friday. And it is a crime to be sad and sickly on Fridays. So we've created a new weekly national holiday for anybody out there who may or may not be feeling under the weather on Friday afternoons. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you.... 


If you are confused from the long title, let me explain. Power Hour is a game frequented by teenagers (usually in basements) where each player takes a shot of beer once every minute.  There are pre-made playlists to aid you in keeping time. One of them is based in the fundamental roots of Jock-Jamz. 

If you weren't pop-culturally aware in the 1990s, you were probably wiser than the rest of us. But here is a teaser to get the right jock in your jam: 

So we are playing Power Hour. But instead of beer, we're using water. And instead of dignity, we're using Jock Jams. 

When you're ready to take the plunge, you can stream the playlist riiiiiiiiiiight here.

See you on the other side, freaks.