Where to get yo' last minute freak on

Guess how many days until your stocking is expected to be stocked?! (We got this one wrong when we said "errr... couple weeks?") 

Six! …Seis! ستة ! …Sechs! …六! …छह! …Sei!! …шесть! …SIX! 

If you are writhing in Christmas angst - Don't you fear! We have goodies for you! 

1. We ship within 24 hours of each order, and same-day shipping for orders that come in before 2 pm! This means that if you live in North Carolina or someplace nearby, you will have Freakers on your front doorstep the next day! 

2. If you don't trust the post office, we made a super Store Locator map for you! As of right now, we have about 50 stores in the US - and all of them would love to see your shining faces frolicking in the glory of the freak!

Go say hi! Support your local freak retailer!!