Smistmas Smarties!

We heard somewhere that real offices take all of their employees out and feed them and plow them with alcohol for Christmas. I think they call them "smoffice smistmas parties" or something like that. So we followed suit and last night we had our very first annual Freaker Christmas Party! It went smashingly, mainly because Alisha was wise enough to wear a wreath on her head.  


She's our special festive delight! 

The ladiez of the Castle (street) cuddled and snuggled and cradled until they found out there was a jukebox... 

And then they spent 100% of their dollars to fill The Husk with 100% of Tom Waits and slow danced to romantic christmas carols like "The Earth Died SCREAMING." 

And so many things are now official!! Let's see:
2. Molly doesn't have real eyes unless she's wearing glasses. 
3. Now that we have conquered the "Christmas party" phenomenon, Freaker USA can be added to the list of offices that do things that other offices do.