Freak the AirWaves!

Today the Freakerteam is feeling a little bit gritty. We're thrashing around the office screaming British obscenities (like "WANKER!") and headbanging to nothing in particular. We're about to smash guitars and shave our heads (except for Oliver. His mane of glory will not be touched.) 

When this alter-ego shows it's spiky face, it looks a little something like this: 

Whatever could have induced this onslaught of badassery, you ask?

We were featured on our local NPR station this morning! 

For those of you who don't listen to National Public Radio, let us give you a briefing... It is the ultimate achievement of punk-rock. It is so punk-rock in fact, that The Ramones almost changed their name to "All Things Considered" out of punk-rock-respect, but Michelle Norris   punched them all in the face (also out of punk-rock-respect.)

True stories! You can hear the interview here!