World Wide Freak Web 4.0

Sometimes (everyday) we realize how magnificent you are and it overwhelms us.  At first, these fits of euphoria were a little crippling. We didn't know how to handle it and sometimes found ourselves running naked in the woods as a feeble attempt to calm ourselves. 

We've gotten better since then. And it's not because your level of SUPER-AWESOME affects us any less. We just found a healthier way of celebrating youz guyz! 

Everytime you connect with us, be it Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, or all the other techno-magic-wands, we melt a little bit. And it's only fair to share that with the rest of the world. 

So ladies and gentlemen, I humbly present the awe-inspiring, record-breaking, all-encompassing .....YOURSELF!

Via Colin Crane 

Via Michael Scott Marlowe

Via Style Girl (Jess James!) & Tym Dvorak

Via Farrah Vecchiotti & Leigh Voli

Via Andy Omar Knapp 

Via Michelle LeMasters

Via Casey RAnderson

Via Gary Breece & Addie Wuensch

Via Regera Dowdy & Donta Drye