A freaky look at a freaky year

It's the second day of the last year of all the years according to that ancient culture that really enjoyed counting years! 

So instead of looking forward to a bleak future of DOOM, today we're going to rewind 363 days and reflect on 2011 in all of it's freak. 


Last year started with a loose organization of artists and weirdos that would eventually become known as The Freakerteam. Zach, Lauren, Oliver and Justin started collaborating with each other on small projects of freakish nature. Maybe we all knew, deep down in our groins, what the next 11 months would have in store for us, but it's debatable. Also, this is Bob Ross. 


Freakers & Puppies & Freakers & Puppies & Freakers & Puppies & Freakers & Puppies & OH MY! 


Babez & Buttonz & this shoot. March, you 100% dominated our hearts. 


We launched our Kickstarter campaign! This was the beginning of the beginning!


Working working working until infinity! Oh! And Ellen stopped by the office to say "good job on hard work." That was a very sweet gesture. From Ellen


June 4th, 2011: We reached our Kickstarter goal! Kickstarter would later name The Freakerteam as having "the holy grail" of project videos. We had joy-parades like Castle st has never seen.


By this time, we'd bought a boxtruck, turned it into a transportable living room, and begun our Freaking America Tour! We began the trip with a resolution to wrestle in every state. Once we hit Delaware, we realized how physically exhausting this would be and therefore pretended that it never happened.  


Truckin on truckin on to trucker town... Adventure central! 


We learned a very important lesson on the road: The farther you get from home, the less frequently you are able to shower. Innovation is a survival tool in the wild woods of downtown San Francisco.


We freaked Threadless. We freaked The Onion. We freaked high and we freaked low. Our favorite freaking of October though may have to go to a special village in the backwoods of Pennsylvania: The House of Creatives


Honey, we're home! We've been wearing these exact facial expressions ever since! 


And holy moly, we're back where we started: the office of bliss!! 2011 was such a Freaker Blessing, we can't stop holding bottles and tilting our entire body at a 42 degree angle! That is how excited we are!  

11:58 pm, December 31st, 2011:

In fact, 2011 was so great and so full of freak, it almost wiped us out completely. Happy New Years, Freaks!