They're Baaaaaack!

Do you ever get hit with a case of nostalgia? Memories pop up out of the darkness and suckerpunch you right in the nose? We feel your pain - which is why we're taking a stroll down memory lane today and re-releasing some classics!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the stage 5 previously discontinued Freakers...

The Dude - he imbibes.

Puffy - asking you kindly to puff puff and not pass him up.

Arnold - here to make sure you're ready for the next installation of Predator.

Polka Dance - hits the spot. Har har har.

Wise Guy - for the goodgals... and goodfellas.

We've also added two new midcountry icons to our Greetings From Line. Give a warm welcome to Wayward Son and Gold Digger!

That's all, folks.