Teusdousand & Twelve

It's the first Tuesday of the year! CELEBRATIONS ABOUND!

In the only way we can hoopla correctly, we gathered together friends, cardboard cutouts, and a couple of spray bottles to make sure that Tuesday, January 3rd, feels as special and deserving as any other Tuesday from past years. 

We hired Cory as an intern because we were in need of a manual-labor-mule for approximately 15 minutes. 

Unfortunately, he was sexually assaulted by a giant (yet loving!) moose. We granted him 27 seconds of sympathy and put him back to work.  

And only once he was finished, we allowed the moose to finish what was left unfinished. Sweet sweet lovin, and also a cookie (thanks, Justin's mom!)

The identity of the moose has been revealed! An epic unmasking is usually the climax for most Tuesday tales... but the Freaker office follows no B-Movie rule! The story goes on...

Strange rituals of forgiveness and redemption commence. Then things start to get weird...


Happy Tuesday, Freaks!